We help grantmakers who believe better is possible

Gemma Bull a blonde white woman in her late thirties
Gemma Bull, Co-Director Modern Grantmaking

We're here to help you solve problems and grow your own skills, as a grantmaker

Whether you work for a private foundation, a government funder or a corporate donor, we're here to help you to do the best grantmaking you can.

We wrote a book about grantmaking

Through extensive experience and research we've identified a series of skills and values that can benefit grantmakers of all kinds. Through our writing, training and consulting we can help you to acquire and develop these.
the cover of a book, saying 'Modern Grantmaking: A guide for funders who believe better is Possible' by Gemma Bull and Tom Steinberg
Tom Steinberg, a balding white man in his 40s, with glasses
Tom Steinberg, Co-Director Modern Grantmaking

We've been grantmakers and grantseekers too

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